Pamela A. Lynch

Pamela is a certified Laser, Matrix C02 Laser, Microderm, Lamprobe and Cyroskin Professional. She is an expert in using cutting edge technology for hair removal, treating aging and sun damaged skin, and removing minor skin irregularities. An experienced and caring professional, Pamela provides a comfortable setting in which patients can obtain effective treatments. She earned a BS in Medical Technology from Rutgers University.

Lyette Thibault

Lyette Thibault is currently working as an RN in the Emergency Room at Northern Westchester Hospital. Lyette has a BA in Psychology from UMass Dartmouth and ADMIN in nursing from Bristol College. She is currently completing her BSN. Lyette is Board Certified in Botox and fillers. She has a very natural aesthetic approach and loves making men and women look and feel their best.

Julia Mailler

Julia Mailler is a Certified Esthetician. Julia graduated from Ridley Lowell School of Esthetics. Julia is Certified in total Skin Care, Laser, Tattoo Removal, & Waxing. Julia is passionate about helping clients look and feel their best.